Don’t read further, we won’t be telling you anything!
You are reading the second line now. We did warn you…
Still reading? Can’t take a hint huh?!?
We won’t be telling you how we partner with your brand to skyrocket your sales
(we are not NASA),
We won’t be telling you how we convert your brand into a story
(we are not your granny)
We won’t be telling you how chillaxed we are and have fun while we work for you
(because that would just make you jealous)
We won’t be telling you how we burn the midnight oil to deliver on time
(because we have something called ‘electricity’)
We won’t be telling you what puntastic copy we write and how witty we are
(because that’s evident from what you are reading now)
We won’t be telling you what ‘out-of-the-world’ graphics we design
(c’mon who says that?! Who’s the target audience here…’Jadoo’ or ‘PK’?!?)
Basically we won’t be telling you anything at all
(didn’t we mention that on the very top!)
We would instead be doing our work and that fellows would tell you all that we aren’t!!!

  • Identity Design
  • Visual Design & Production
  • Environment Branding
  • UI design
The Brand Team

MDC ThinkTank, has a well rounded, qualified and experienced team performs in passionate and result­oriented style. it’s a team that brims with energy and creativity. The combined experience of the Copy and Art team is comprehensive which includes diverse clientel like Real Estate, Corporate, Education, IT, Food Industry and many more. Brand Managers

Experience that goes beyond Indian shores. Advertising & Branding experience helping revitalising client relations as well as talking with new ones and creating energetic briefs.

Anand Bhandarkar

               Founder & Principal Designer, MDC ThinkTank

A rich and diverse creative experience of 22 years across different brands with an exposure to global advertising. A graphic designer in applied arts from Pune and Post graduate in visual communication, he is known for his strong organizational skills and exhaustive knowledge of the creative process. He was previously heading the creative department at oxygen advertising, Muscat, Oman, handling communications for brands for diverse industries like telecommunication, automotive, banking, insurance, consumer electronics and real estate to name a few..

Manish Mutha

               Director, MDC Corporation

Simple, Dedicated and Hardworking, these three qualities define the man that is Manish Mutha. His journey from a being a newspaper distributor manager into one of the managing directors of a company which handles loans of over Rs. 500 crore a year is truly remarkable. He holds a Masters Degree in Commerce, a Diploma in Event Management and a PGDM in Business Management. An ambition to explore new frontiers drove him to quit his job and collaborate with his friend and now colleague Pushkar, to start MD Communications. Manish focuses on understanding a client’s requirements and building relationships. Today MDC FinCorp, the flagship company of MDC Corporation has associations with over 60 banking and financial institutions in the loan provision sector and innumerable satisfied clients all over Maharashtra.

Pushkar M. Tapre

               Director, MDC Corporation

Pushkar Tapre is the co­founder and one of the Managing Directors of MDC Corporation. He holds a Bachelor ́s degree in Commerce and a Diploma in Event Management. With mentoring and encouragement from his father, he learnt the fundamentals of business management and believes monetary gain is the by­product of his commitment towards inclusive growth. His continuing motivation and dedication has seen the company grow from MD Communications, a loan providing company into MDC Corporation which has business interests in finance, lifestyle, real estate, health, branding and information technology. Each MDC group company has a different field of operation but together, they touch all the spheres of human life with unique quality deliverables.